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-Step 1-
Enter your information in the web form to the right.
-Step 2-
You will be contacted to discuss an offer for the property submitted.
-Step 3-
We will analyze the property and make an offer
-Step 4-
We can close quickly

How our agents can help you:

  • Our professional agents will purchase any type of traditional or distressed property in the Raleigh and Durham area no matter what the condition of the home may be in
  • WeHab Homes specialize in short sale approval assistance for agents
  • We buy condos, townhomes, multi-family, and single-family detached homes in the Raleigh and Durham area
  • We buy in all price points from $50,000 & up – (as long as we can add enough value to make the deal work for all sides)
  • We’ll buy homes with any and all amounts of work from cosmetic rehabs to complete tear downs. Avoid costly repairs! WeHab Homes will purchase homes in any condition!
  • Our agents can also offer a lease-to-own option for potential homeowners who may not have the means such as a down payment or bad credit problems that won’t allow them to buy a home the traditional way. Saving up for a down payment can take years. Let WeHab Homes take the stress off of you to become a home owner in a short time!
  • The agents of WeHab Homes will work with you to matter what your situation is, to help you fulfill your dreams of owning an affordable home in Raleigh or Durham

WeHab Homes has a large team of experienced agents who are ready to help! If you are looking to buy a home in the Raleigh or Durham area or looking to sell your own home, please contact WeHab Homes today! We will use our expansive network of qualified individuals to help you meet your needs.

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