8 Fab Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Refresh

8 Fab Ways to Give Your Home a Fall Refresh

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There are, among us, a select group of individuals who revise and remake their home four times a year to reflect the season. To them, we say, “Yay, you!” Though we may have great admiration for those who can manage a seasonal do-over every couple of months, we’d put ourselves more in a “twice a year” category. And, even then, it’d be a stretch to call it anything more than a refresh.

We have to say we’re inspired this year, though. Fall/winter/holiday trends are looking intriguingly inviting, and the new crisp weather and changing leaves has us craving texture and warmth. It’s a natural connection, says MyDomaine. “When fall rolls around, the urge to redecorate always hits us hard. After the carefree days of summer, and inspired by all the beauty we’ve absorbed along the way, we are finally ready to get back to the grind and nest while the temperatures slowly drop. It’s only natural to want to get our spaces up to snuff before we prepare to hibernate.”

So, we’re making a greater investment in décor updates for the coming cold seasons, and taking some cues from current and predicted design trends. This is what we’ll be buying.

Some blingy holiday swag

Come on. You’re dying over that feather tree, right? Yeah, us, too. We don’t ususally go so glam with our holiday décor, but this display is making us rethink that.


Something to pretty up our banquette

“From breakfast nooks to kitchen booths to family rooms, banquette-style dining is taking over. While you can’t beat the luxe look of built-in seating, we love that this trend is achievable sans reno,” said PureWow.” We’re big friends of this trend, and, having limited options for kitchen dining, we chose to “cuddle a cute bench up against a wall and call it a day” long ago. But, truth be told, it’s a pretty cold-looking space—far from the inviting eat-in area we were envisioning. Pretty sure a couple of new chairs in a daring color would solve that.

Bold colors

Good thing bold colors are big for fall. Truth be told, our living room is pretty neutral, too. Think Revere Pewter walls and a mushroom sectional. This season, we take a leap into the world of jewel tones. “I think people are tiring of neutral and muted color schemes and are looking to use bolder color—in either traditional or modern interiors—to enliven their spaces,” said interior designer Perry Sayles on Apartment Therapy.
We’re starting with the couch, and since we’re not ready to replace it, a melange of pillows will kick off our trek into a more colorful world. Pillows in velvet, to be specific. After a trip to HomeGoods, we have to admit that we might have a bit of a velvet problem that could require an intervention. If you’re going, might we recommend getting the small cart so you don’t have the space for more than a few items?


“Arches are seeing a major resurgence in contemporary architecture, but this trend is even felt in home décor and furniture,” said MyDomaine. We love thisFifi Contemporary Arch Wall Mirror, which not only incoroprates the arch trend, but also has a bit of an exotic, Moroccan feel, which makes it seem collected, not purchased on sale. Speaking of which, it’s currently priced at $143, down from $309, on Wayfair.

Oversized florals

We love the idea of adding a bold floral pattern in fall, when, traditionally, florals would have been concentrated in the spring. “This is a really lovely trend—who doesn’t love flower prints and on a large scale? Look out for big blousy designs that have a pre-Raphaelite style and you’ll find them on cushions, bedding and as murals,” said House Beautiful.

Jet black

Black has started to make its way into the kitchen and bathroom, in the form of cabinetry (for the bold) and jewelry for those looking for smaller doses. Expect it to be showing up all throughout the house in the coming months.

“Fans of monochrome will adore this trend,” said House Beautiful. “It’s all about the accessories – and they need to be black. But if you’re not a massive fan of large amounts of black you can make this trend work by using small blocks here and there. “

An overdyed Persian rug

Our design style leans toward eclectic-contemporary-transitional, so traditional Persian rugs have never really been on our radar. But the new overdyed versions have us rethinking that idea. we’re especially partial those in the blue family, but love the impact of rugs that allow you to achieve a modern look with a classic piece in a fresh hue.

Art with faces

“The analysts at online vintage furniture, art, and home accessories site Chairish have studied sales data to find out what styles are increasingly in demand,” said Hunker. “Abstract portraits are one of them, not only according to Chairish but also according to online art gallery Saatchi Art’s 2018 trend guide.”

This is another trend we’ve had our eye on. In fact, this in in our basket in icanvas right now. We love that it’s so colorful and that it has a bit of a Picasso thing going on. (Now it’s time to hit “buy.”)


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